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  • I have had the pleasure and honor to have known Mr. Inderjit Dhariwal for many years, both commercially and personally. Now that he is starting ANS International I can only recommend him to anybody seeking for an honest, knowledgeable and reliable exporter for engine and related parts in India.

    Santiago D. Morales (President)

    Maxiforce Inc., USA
    An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
    Phone 305-592-7027
    Fax 305-592-0244
  • It was nice hearing from Inder again and in knowing that he had set up his own export company. I have known and worked with Inderjit Dhariwal for more than a decade, and I am certain that with his dedication and sincerity in dealing with overseas clients, the customers will find him a long term partner. I am sure all overseas customers will be glad to avail of the excellent service that I have experienced from him through the years. Keep it up!


    Benito L.Cua
    General Manager
    Fairdeal Automotive Supply Trader
    Philippines, Phone (632) 291-6514
  • Since 2005 Enginetech has sourced products through Inderjit Dhariwal. Inderjit is a real pleasure to work with. He has great knowledge in international marketing and product procurement. We would describe Inderjit's traits as honest, hard working and a true friend to our company. We are pleased to offer our best reference to Inderjit and ANS International.

    J. Hunter Betts (Vice President)

    Enginetech Inc., USA
    Toll Free : 1-800-410-3664/+1-972-245-0110
    ext 234
  • It has been a pleasure to have known Mr. Inderjit Dhariwal since the time when he was an executive in the firm Kilorskar from India. During our relations with Kilorskar, he offered good support and true friendship. We are very glad with the news about his dream come true, the wish of founding his own company, congratulations and we wish ANS International and Mr. Inderjit Dhariwal the best.

    J. MARIO MORA R. (General Manager)

    Rehispana Ltda. Bogota- Colombia
    Tel:(57-1) 6170905
    Fax: (57-1) 6170786
  • It has been a privilege for our company to know Mr. Dhariwal, who has been extremely co-operative, helpful and very influential during the years we worked together. I wish ANS International every success. Of course I shall never hesitate to approach this company for a quotation when-ever the occasion permits.

    Elie Catinis (Chevalier)

    Catinis Company - Established : 1957, Damascus-Syria
    Current Business: Import and distribution of automotive components
We offer products for :

A. Agricultural Tractors : Perkins, Massey Ferguson, Ford, Fiat, Case/ Navistar / International Harvester, New Holland, John Deere, Deutz....
    Agricultural Implements & Spares such as Disc Harrows, Rotary Tillers, Plough Disc Assemblies, Rotary Slashers, Power Harrows, Seed Drills etc.
B. European Trucks : Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Iveco, MAN
C. US Heavy Duty Engines : Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Waukesha
D. Indian Commercial Vehicles: Tata, Ashok Leyland, Eicher
E. Passenger Cars : Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Peugeot, Kia Pride, Nissan, Hyundai
F. Stationery Engines / Pumps : Lister, Petter, Kubota, Lombardini

We work closely with each manufacturer to ensure high quality products reach our customers consistently. This involves a robust process with detailed steps to ensure the specifications and requirements are communicated and understood clearly, the manufacturing processes follow the requirements, and due diligence is practiced at each stage.
Please find below the list of products we are actively engaged in :
  1. Adjusting Screws for Rocker Arms
  2. Alternators & their spare parts
  3. Agricultural Implements including Rotary Tillers / Rotavators, Top Link Assemblies, Top Link Tubes, Top Link Ends, Stabilizer Chains, Weather Caps, Disc Harrows, Plough Disc Assemblies, Power Harrows, Power Slashers, Seed Drills etc. and their spare parts such as Plough Discs, Rotavator Blades, Cultivator Tines etc.
  4. Axles including Front & Rear Axles
  5. Balancer Assemblies
  6. Balancer Shafts
  7. Ball Suspension Joints
  8. Batteries for Alternative, Industrial & other applications
  9. Belt Tensioners
  10. Bimetallic Bushings including Connecting Rod Bushings, Camshaft Bushings, Transmission Bushings & a range of other Bushings based on customer requirements
  11. Bolts & Nuts including Brake Bolts & Nuts, Clutch Finger Bolts & Nuts, Connecting Rod Bolts & Nuts, Cylinder Head Bolts, Crown Wheel Pinion / Differential Bolts & Nuts, Flywheel Bolts & Nuts, Shoulder Bolts, Turbo Charger Fasteners and other range of Bolts, Nuts, Studs & Rivets in a wide range of material grades
  12. Camshafts made from Forged Steel, Castings & Solid Machined Bars
  13. Connecting Rods
  14. Clutch Release Bearings
  15. Clutch Disc & Flywheel
  16. Circlips
  17. Crankshafts in Forged Steel Material (EN 19 & CK45 Grade Options)
  18. Crankshaft Seal Spacers
  19. Crown Wheel Pinions & Differential Pinions
  20. Cylinder Blocks
  21. Cylinder Heads
  22. Cylinder Head Kits
  23. Cylinder Liners
  24. Cylinder Liner Seals & Shims
  25. Dampers
  26. De-Greasing & Rust Inhibiting Solutions in Environment Friendly Materials for Automotive & other applications
  27. Disc Brake Pads
  28. Drag Links
  29. Electro-Mechanical Switches: Brake Switches, Differential Lock Switches, Fuel Pump Solenoid Switches, Heater Plug Switches, Horn / Push Start Switches, Ignition Switches, Safety Start Switches, Oil Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Pressure Switches, Fuel Shut Off Solenoids etc.
  30. Engine Mountings
  31. Feed Pumps
  32. Filters including Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters etc.
  33. Fuel Injection Pumps & their Components including Delivery Valves, Elements, Injectors, Nozzles etc.
  34. Gaskets including Cylinder Head Gaskets, Complete Overhauling Gasket Sets / Full Sets, Oil Pan Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Exhaust Manifold Gaskets & a range of other gaskets as per customer requirements
  35. Gear Pumps
  36. Gears
  37. Gauges: Temperature Gauges, Tachometers / RPM Meter Gauges, Fuel Gauges
  38. High Pressure Fuel Injection Pipes
  39. Hoses
  40. Hose Clamps
  41. Hydraulic Cylinder Jacks
  42. Hydraulic Lift Pump Assemblies & spares for these pumps
  43. Impellers for Water Pumps
  44. Inlet & Exhaust Valves
  45. Lamps & Lights
  46. Liner Seal Kits
  47. Main & Connecting Rod Bearings
  48. Multi Ribbed Belts
  49. Oil Coolers (plate type & tube type)
  50. Oil Pump Assemblies
  51. Oil Seals (in PTFE, FKM, Polyacrylic, NBR etc.)
  52. PTO Shafts & Hubs
  53. Pistons, Piston Rings & Piston Pins
  54. Piston Cooling Nozzles
  55. Power Steering Pumps & related parts
  56. Push Rods
  57. Radiators
  58. Raw Edge Cogged (REC) Belts
  59. Rocker Arms
  60. Rocker Shafts
  61. Rubber & Rubber-Metal bonded parts: Bushings, D Rings, Elbow Hoses, Flat Rings, Grommets, O Rings etc.
  62. Rubber Profiles & Seals including Weather Strips, Door Seals, Cabin Seals etc.
  63. Rubberised Cork Sheets for Making Gasket, Rubberised Cork Gasket
  64. Seat Cushion Motors
  65. Seats for Agricultural Tractors
  66. Shut Down Magnetic Valves & Solenoid Coils
  67. Sintered Bushings
  68. Spare Parts for Hydraulic Pumps including Control Valves, Relief Valves, Cam Blocks, Pistons, Camshafts, Filters etc.
  69. Starter Motors & their spare parts
  70. Thermostats
  71. Tie Rod Ends
  72. Turbo Charger Assemblies & their components
  73. Thrust Washers
  74. Valve Bridges / Cross Head Valves
  75. Valve Collets / Keepers / Cotters
  76. Valve Guides
  77. Valve Seat Inserts
  78. Valve Springs, Coil Springs, Compression Springs
  79. Valve Spring Retainers
  80. Valve Tappets
  81. Water Pumps & Repair Kits for these including Impellers, Bearings, Mechanical Seals & Gaskets
  82. Wind Screens for Trucks, Buses & other vehicles
  83. Wires / Cables for Automotive, Industrial and other applications

The names, symbols, logos, insignias and descriptions used in this website are the property of their respective owners. We do not claim any association with these manufacturers and have used their reference for convenience of identification only. It is not implied that any part offered by us is the product of these manufacturers. Cummins © is a registered trademark of Cummins, Inc. Cat ©/Caterpillar © is a registered trademark of Caterpillar, Inc……and so on for all brands/companies referred here.